Welcome to VANESSA KLAT, your way to the BOHO ALIEN world.

“Who is the VANESSA KLAT Girl? I get asked this question a lot. 


First of all, it’s not just a “GIRL”. 

Not one perfectly described persona,

 but all the amazing GIRLS we see and admire every day. 


They think for themselves and play the Devil’s advocate for their own amusement. 

They follow their instinct and learned that fashion is about creating their own style.”



Date of birth: 

November 2nd 2015. 


Mood of the brand: 

Parisian Lifestyle, Bohemian Chic


The main inspiration of the designer is how she best describes it:


 ”Follow your instinct”


How We Do It


Our production is next to our office, so we can supervise the quality of each piece, share the news and maintain very warm relations. Our team’s spirit plays a tremendous role in what inspires us to move forward on the everyday basis.


Our Team & Clients


This is true: we put on our Vanessa Klat spirit, and with all our dreams and perseverance, we create. From time to time we get together for a glass of wine to discuss upcoming trends and future plans.

We keep our team and clients well aware of all your feedback and thank you messages. This is extremely inspiring for both sides. 

Thank you for being part of the #vanessaklat family!